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Specialty Services

B&H Lawn Service offers a variety of superior specialty lawn care services. We can keep your yard and property looking great with our high quality services and impeccable attention to detail.

Lawn/insect control

Insects, those nasty creatures that destroy your lawn’s appearance, can be controlled. We identify the cause of the problem, such as whether the insects are infecting the top layer of your lawn or are located below, at the roots.

We then treat the insect infestation with eco-friendly products to ensure the safety of your children and pets while keeping your lawn looking it’s best.

Lawn disease control

B&H’s comprehensive 10-point examination plan by our seasoned professionals is designed to diagnose and determine your lawn’s state of health. We will provide you with a detailed evaluation and determine the best plan of attack based on your needs.

Bark blowing

Bark blowing lays a precisely measured layer of bark, set by the machine, just about anywhere on your property. By blowing the bark or mulch, installation time is cut in half. It gives a professional-looking, smooth result that can make your landscape look great. It reduces waste, lowers costs, and eliminates the need for raking.

Our prices begin at $30 per yard, depending upon the size and amount of material needed for your property. We give free estimates so you will know how much material is needed for the job.

Custom outdoor lighting

Our skilled designers work together with our customers to create the outdoor lighting effect they are looking for. We invite you to schedule a complimentary outdoor lighting consultation at your home or business.

With you, our design consultants will determine the best aspects of your home, business or landscape to illuminate. We provide all our customers a written estimate at the time of the first appointment.

We also offer quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly maintenance programs to ensure your outdoor lighting system is working properly.


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